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See how your repayments follow your cashflow

Repayments are automatically taken as a small percentage of your card sales, meaning your cashflow will not be impacted if you have a slower than usual month.


Your cash advance: £0

Total amount repayable: £0


For every  £100 card transaction:

£0 goes to your account

£0 goes towards repayment

* The total amount repayable includes the one-off fee, which never changes

Offers are based on a percentage of your card sales. Please continue to the registration form where we would be happy to contact you to discuss your businesses funding requirements.

Estimated Repayment Term

  • Funded amount including fixed fee

  • Daily takings

  • Card Split

  • Days to repay

  • Months to repay

Daily Repayments Calculation

  • Maximum Amount Monthly (6 months term)

  • Maximum Amount Daily

  • Minimum Amount Monthly (10 months Term)

  • Maximum Amount Daily

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